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Drinking Games

Drinking games - the art of finding another excuse to drink your beer faster.
So you've started out your night with PinkyMcDrinky, but want to move onto
something bigger now, right?

There are many many drinking games on the web. However, many are repeats,
or just plain suck. We have chosen our favorites, and provided them below.

We do not claim to have invented these games. However, we did re-write all
of the directions to make them as clear as possible for you drunks.

Drinking Dice Games
Drinking Card Games
Beer Drinking Games (general)
3-man / 3-bitch
Beer die

Presidents & Assholes
Circle of Death
Fuck You
Horse Racing
Poker Games

Flippy Cup / Flip Cup / Boat Races
Peanut Races

How to chug a beer

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