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Fuck You

What you need:

- a deck of cards
- beer

Basic Play:

Fuck You is a game based largely on making friends and enemies. Revenge never looked so sweet.
We recommend that you have at least 4 players. Minimum of 3.

First, deal out the entire deck to the whole table.

Play is incredibly simple:

Each player lays down a card and says "Fuck (any player)".

That player then must either lay down the same card (number, not suit) and redirect it to another
player. Alternatively, another player may save the victim and redirect it elsewhere. You do not
have to redirect the beer if you don't want to.

The person who is "fucked" then gets to play a card.
Repeat until everyone is out of cards.

Note: When you are out of cards, you can still be "fucked." It is up to other players to save you.
Thus, it is not always a good idea to spend all your cards early defending yourself.

It is a good strategy to keep track of cards and know when you have the 4th (last)
card left. Early in the game it is also fairly safe to play cards you have more of (doubles, triples).

Here are what we use for card values:

Ace through 5: pass out the card value
6 through 10: pass out 1/2 the card value
Face cards: pass out 5 drinks

Sure, some of you might say, "a 9 should be 9 drinks! or a 10 should be 10 drinks!"
Well, guess what? 95% of people will never drink that much anyway - you're wasting
you're time. Keep the pace of the game moving and just do LOTS of little drinks.

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