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Chug of War

What you need:

- a deck of cards
- beer

Basic Play:

Chug of War is an extremely fun hi-low drinking game. Pick seven cards from the deck, and place them in a vertical line between the two players.
Ideally, 3 cards are above 8, 3 cards are below 8, and one is the number 8 to keep things fair.

The setup should look like the image at the right:

Here are the rules for normal play:

- Each player takes turns deciding if the next card from the deck is higher or lower than the card facing up.
- If correct, you get to move the stack of cards one 'card' towards you.
- If incorrect, move the stack one 'card' away from you.
- If the same card is pulled, you must move the stack away from you
one 'card' and drink a few sips of beer
- After you guess, the new card from the deck is placed on the stack and the game repeats.

- The first person to get the stack past their last card wins.

- The loser must chug 1/4 of a beer (or an amount of your choosing - we recommend 1/4 because many games go rather fast.)

Other Notes:

- Aces are HIGH
- if you go through an entire deck (a few games take a while to win), we suggest doubling the chugging amount at the end to 1/2 a beer.

Another great two player game for starting off the night.

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