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Beer Die

What you need:

- 4 large mugs
- one die (or a few extra spares since you may lose it)

- beer

Basic Play:

Beer Die, in our experience, has many variations from one state to another. In
this description, we will simplify the game to its most important points, and what
we believe is a fun and fair setting.

This is a team game for 4 players (2 on 2). Find a large table, and sit 2 people per side,
across from each other. Set your mugs, filled with beer, on the corners of the table (general consensus seems to be
a "fist" away from the edges).

Teams alternate throwing the dice across the table towards the other teams' mugs.

Here are the throwing rules for beer die:
- You must throw underhand
- The toss must peak at least as high as your head
- The opposing team must catch the die with only ONE hand

Here are all possible outcomes:
- If the die lands in your opponents' mugs, they -both- must chug their beers.
- If the die "plinks" off the rim of a mug (not the side), the opposing team must drink half of the remaining beer.
- If the die is thrown clear off the table (no bounces), the throwing team drinks
- If the die lands on the table, but does not bounce off, the throwing team drinks
- If the die is thrown and bounces off the table, and the opposing team catches it, nothing happens.
- If the die is thrown and bounces off the table, but the opposing team misses, then the throwing team
gains 1 point, and the team who missed must take one drink

Regardless of how long the game lasts, each team has a minimum of -5- turns to finish their beer.
That is, everytime a die is thrown off the table, or missed, the team must finish 1/5 of their beer.

In short, each team tosses the die near their opponents mug. If it rolls off the table and they miss,
a point is scored. The game ends when a team reaches 5 points. People often confuse the drinking rules
with the scoring rules in this game. Just remember, you only get a point if someone drops the die.
Many games will end with a team "winning", but having to drink much more (thanks to chugs).

Are these the super-official rules to beer die? Probably not. But we don't care. It's still fun, and probably just as good. Please don't email us.


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