drinking game

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What you need:

- 2 quarters for each player
- one shot glass
- one medium-sized glass

- beer

Basic Play:

U.N is a simple coin game that is mostly based on luck and revenge.

First, hand out one quarter to each player. Place the remaining quarters
in the medium-sized glass.

The first player shakes up the glass, and flips it over. Count the total
number of heads and tails on the table.

What happens on the initial flip:

- if the first flip of the medium-sized cup is all heads, or all tails, this is a council. Everyone must drink.
- if the number of heads equals the number of tails, everyone must drink (only possible in even games)

Now, each person at the table takes a turn shaking up their single
quarter in a shot glass and flipping it over to see the result.

- The player may hand out as many drinks as coins that match.
- The player must drink as many coins that don't match.

Repeat around the table until it is the next player's turn to roll the medium-sized glass!


Sloppy Roller Rule: If at any point a quarter falls off the table, the roller takes a drink and must re-flip.

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