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Horse Racing

What you need:

- a deck of cards
- beer

Basic Play:

Horse Racing is an extremely fun drinking game based on betting. It is particularly important
that the announcer is fun, loud, and creative.

First, pull out all four aces from the deck, and 12 other cards, 3 of each suit (to ensure fairness).
You may leave the jokers in if you like for a bonus rule.
Now, line up a "track". Use the 12 cards to make 2 vertical lines, 6 tall each. Next, put the 4 aces between these at the beginning of the track.

It should look something like this:
horse racing drinking game

Here are the rules for normal play:

- Before the race, each player chooses their horse (suit). They then make a bet, typically between 1 to 5 drinks. If a player picks a winning horse, they get to distribute these drinks out. If they lose, they must drink their own bet, plus whatever a winner may hand out to them.

- The dealer flips over the remaining cards in the deck one at a time. The suit of the card pulled corresponds to the aces in the game. Advance whatever suit is pulled by one "card". We encourage announcing in a loud raunchy fashion. Players at the table should be rooting for their horses!

- Continue this until one of the horses goes past the final row of cards.

Bonus Rule: If a Joker is pulled, the front horse (or horses) "stumble". As a result, all horses except the leader advance one card. A great rule for changing the pace of the game.

Just remember, this game is ALL about the announcer. Make it fun, loud, and retarded.

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